Brushed Chrome

Brushed Chrome Sockets & Switches

One of the more versatile and timeless finishes, screwless brushed chrome sockets and switches complement both modern and classic styles. Brushed chrome provides warm tone and has the benefit of hiding fingerprints and small blemishes.

Brushed Chrome Sockets & Switches

Versatile and timeless, brushed chrome sockets and switches suit most decor styles. Unlike polished finishes, brushed chrome has subtle brush marks across the surface, reducing reflection and hiding finger prints.

Choose from our ranges including brushed chrome and white, and brushed chrome and black. Our ranges include chrome dimmers, rocker switches, toggles, sockets, isolators and grid plates. If you're unsure which range to go for, read our complete guide to brushed chrome sockets and switches.

If you're not sure of the differences between brushed chrome and brushed nickel, nickel tends to have a slightly more yellow tint, compared to chrome's slight blue tint. Both nickel and chrome have similar appearances, and can often look the same in photographs. This is more visible in polished chrome and polished nickel sockets and switches than brushed chrome and brushed nickel sockets and switches.