B15 LED Bulbs

B15 Small Bayonet Bulbs

Shop for beautifully designed B15 LED Bulbs. The smaller of our bayonet fittings, the B15 generally comes on small light bulbs

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  1. Soho Lighting 4W 2800K Warm White B15 Matt White Candle Dimmable LED Bulb
  2. Soho Lighting 3W Dim to Warm B15 Matt White Candle LED Bulb
  3. High CRI
    Vintage-Edison Style LED Candle
  4. High CRI
    Vintage-Edison Style LED Globe
  5. Opal Candle LED Bulb
  6. Bayonet LED Candle
  7. 3 Pack - 2w B15 Vintage Edison Golf Ball LED Light Bulb 1800K T-Spiral Filament Dimmable

7 Items

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Technical Advice

Longevity of LED’s

There's never been a better time to make that switch to LED lighting. We look at the life expectancy and the longevity of an LED bulb over time along with the cost savings.

B15 Small Bayonet Bulbs

The B15 light bulb is more commonly known as a small bayonet bulb. Its cap is only 15mm in diameter making it perfect for smaller lights such as desk lamps and wall sconces. They are also found in more opulent light fittings such as chandeliers.

The smaller of our bayonet fittings, the B15 light bulb is used on smaller light fittings. Don’t confuse this with the more common B22 standard bayonet bulb which is much larger. If you are unsure of whether you need a B15 fitting, then read our bulb fitting guide which will explain the difference between all the various shapes and sizes.

Our B15 LED bulbs come in a variety of shapes and styles including candle bulbs, vintage Edison with spiral filaments, and golf ball bulbs. Most of our B15 light bulbs are also suitable for dimmable applications.

A popular choice is our dimmable B15 candle LED Bulb featuring 3000K Warm White. Alternatively, if you are looking for something with a vintage style, then the B15 Vintage Edison Candle LED Light Bulb might be for you.

Browse our online store to discover our range of beautifully designed B15 small bayonet bulbs.