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The Glass Library collection from The Soho Lighting Company brings you a choice of stunning shapes with different metal finishes, to suit your taste.

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The Claridge

Perfect for task lighting such as reading, illuminating pictures, or simply injecting ambience into a space. Available in brass & nickel.

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Brushed Chrome

One of the more versatile and timeless finishes, brushed chrome sockets and switches complement both modern and classic styles.

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Lighting Design Inspiration & Advice

  1. Modern Garden Lighting Ideas

    Modern Garden Lighting Ideas

    We look at some modern garden lighting ideas that can enhance your garden's appearance, functionality, and security.
  2. How to Transform Your Home With Smart Lighting

    How to Transform Your Home With Smart Lighting

    We look at how smart home technology can help you take control of your lighting, heating, music, security systems, and much more.
  3. 2 minutes read time
    Longevity of LED's

    Longevity of LED's

    There's never been a better time to make that switch to LED lighting. We look at the life expectancy and the longevity of an LED bulb over time along with the cost savings.

Ideas & Inspiration

Create a home to be proud of with our inspirational ideas and practical advice

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