Burgundy Pendant Lights

Burgundy Pendant Lights

Beautifully designed, robust metal dark red / burgundy pendant lights. These hand crafted pendants have been traditionally rolled and have a traditional or period enamelled look with natural subtle imperfections to give the light authenticity and charm.

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  1. Mulberry Red Burgundy Industrial Breakfast Bar Pendant Light - Argyll - Soho Lighting
  2. Berwick Rustic Dome Pendant Light Mulberry Red
  3. Oxford Vintage Pendant Light Mulberry Red
  4. burgundy pendant light
  5. Regent Vintage Kitchen Pendant Light Mulberry Red
  6. Mulberry Red Burgundy Industrial Dining Room Pendant Light - Large Argyll - Soho Lighting
  7. Brewer Cage Industrial  Pendant Light Mulberry Red
  8. Ganton Vintage Cage Pendant Light Mulberry Red
  9. Burgundy Red St Edmund's Painted Pendant Light
    Burgundy Red St Edmund's Painted Pendant Light
    From £109.01
  10. Burgundy Red Small Trinity Metal Painted Pendant Light
  11. Burgundy Red Lincoln Painted Pendant Light
    Burgundy Red Lincoln Painted Pendant Light
    From £74.00
  12. Burgundy Red Chancery Painted Pendant Light
    Burgundy Red Chancery Painted Pendant Light
    From £89.00

12 Items

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Burgundy Pendant Lights

These gorgeously handcrafted burgundy pendant lights are perfect for giving your home that rustic edge. The robust metal and deep red hue is perfect for adding a touch of class, whilst the traditional enamelling gives each light a unique charm. Perfect for setting the mood in any room, these beautiful pendants are a must-have addition to your décor.

Our Mulberry Red Burgundy Vintage pendant light is perfect for giving your room that Oxford-style vintage edge. With their antique finish, they'll introduce that old-warm charm you've been searching for. Also, their beautiful shade and stylish design are sure to give your existing lighting fixtures a much-needed facelift.

Looking to make a real statement in your hallway? Look no further than the Mulberry Red Burgundy Industrial Hallway Pendant Light. These lights are the perfect way to inject some life and personality into a tired old hallway. Plus, with their stylish industrial design, they’ll complement any decor scheme.

Looking to add some decadence into your kitchen? These Mulberry Red Burgundy Cage Industrial Pendant Lights are the perfect way to do it. Not only do they look great, but these lights are also incredibly functional. They provide ample light for cooking and dining, making them the perfect addition to any home. So why not give your kitchen island a makeover with this stunning light today?

If you're looking for some burgundy pendant lighting fixtures inspiration, check out our Pendant Lighting vs Chandelier article about lighting tips.

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