Black Nickel

Black Nickel Sockets & Switches

Black nickel works well with modern or contemporary decor styles, and offers a slick appearance unmatched by any other. The reflective finish has a black tone to it, which works well alongside black appliances, TVs and features.

Screwless Black Nickel Sockets and Switches | Black Nickel Sockets and Switches | Black Sockets and Switches - Elesi

One of our most stylist finishes, our screwless black nickel sockets and switches fits well into contemporary decors. Slightly different in tone to black chrome, black nickel offers a shiny, polished finished and a black tint. Black nickel finish has a black tint on a nickel finish. A polished nickel finish is mirror-like but with a silvery tint, black nickel gives is darker. Essentially, it is a black, mirror-like finish and can go well with black TVs, kettles and toasters.