Isolator Switches

Isolator Switches

Choose from our selection of isolators. These are switches that isolate a particular circuit. If you are unsure of which switch type you need, read our guide: Single Pole Vs Double Pole Switch

Isolator Switches

Isolator switches are essential components in electrical systems, designed to ensure safety and control. They come in various types, including double pole switches, 3 pole switches, and switched fused spurs. These devices serve distinct purposes, but all share the fundamental goal of isolating electrical circuits.

Double pole isolator switches are commonly used to control high-power appliances such as water heaters and ovens. They provide a means to disconnect both live and neutral conductors, offering complete isolation from the power source.

3 pole isolator switches take safety a step further by disconnecting not only live and neutral conductors but also the earth. They are often employed in situations where absolute electrical isolation is required, like in industrial applications.

Fan isolator switches, on the other hand, are specialized isolators used to control bathroom and kitchen extractor fans. They help in reducing energy consumption by isolating these fans when they're not needed, improving ventilation efficiency.

Switched fused spurs combine an isolator switch with a fused connection unit. They are used to control specific appliances or lighting circuits, offering both isolation and overcurrent protection.

Isolator switches come in various forms to suit different electrical requirements, and their use is critical for both safety and efficient electrical system operation.