When it comes to wiring your home, it isn’t quite as simple as just sockets and switches. There are many types of power outlets, switches, and different sockets to consider. One type of socket that causes a little confusion is the flex outlet socket. So, why would you need one?

A flex outlet is a type of electrical socket that allows you to wire high-powered appliances straight into your walls. Boilers, water heaters, and other electrical unit that require a continuous power source, would be wired through a flex outlet. Flex outlets are often used in a situation where a plug socket would be difficult to access. Or with appliances that do not come with a 13A plug socket as standard.

Let’s look at the different types of flex outlets that we stock, and why you would consider using them.

Flex Outlet

The most basic type of flex outlet has no switch and is designed for relatively low-powered appliances that don’t require isolating from the mains. For example, you could have your table lamp, or even a hairdryer hardwired into the wall in a specific location, if you knew that you were unlikely to need to move these again.

Double Pole Switched Flex Outlet

flex outlet

A 20A double pole switched is used to safely isolate an appliance by isolating both the live and neutral simultaneously. This ensures that the appliance is completely disconnected from the power source when the switch is turned off. A double pole flex switch is a safer way to control the power supply to an appliance, providing an extra layer of protection against electrical shocks.

Unswitched Fused Connection Unit (FCU)

An unswitched fused connection unit (FCU) flex outlet is used to protect a hardwired appliance which develops a fault. Excessive electrical draw/leakage will blow, or melt, the fuse first, which helps keep your appliance and your home safe.

Switched Fused Connection Unit (FCU)

A switched fused connection (FCU) flex outlet works in the same way as the unswitched FCU, the only difference being that you can switch the hardwired appliance on and off at the wall. This switch is useful for appliances that might occasionally need to be switched off from the wall.

Switched Flex outlet sockets have the option for a neon light to indicate when power is reaching the switch, and it's up to you if you require neon or not, however this is a great safety feature for any appliance that requires switching off before you interact with it.

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