Fused Spurs

Fused Spurs / FCUs

Our fused spurs / FCUs / Fused Connection Units come with either switches, unswitched or switched with a neon light. Our choice of stunning finishes means you'll find one to suit your decor style.

Fused Spurs

Demystifying Fused Connection Units (FCUs) for Your Electrical Needs. Fused Connection Units (FCUs) stand as essential components in modern electrical systems, playing a pivotal role in both residential and commercial setups. An FCU, also known as a fused spur, combines safety and versatility, offering a secure method of controlling power to specific appliances or circuits.

Isolators, a key feature of FCUs, grant users the ability to disconnect power from a designated circuit or appliance for maintenance or safety purposes. These units are available in two main categories: switched FCUs and unswitched FCUs.

Switched FCUs provide the added advantage of on/off control, allowing you to easily manage power flow to connected devices. Unswitched FCUs, on the other hand, serve as direct power sources without built-in control functionality, ideal for appliances that require continuous power supply.

Fused spurs are integral components within FCUs, incorporating a fuse for extra protection against electrical faults. This feature ensures that in the event of an overload or short circuit, the fuse will break the circuit, preventing damage or potential hazards.