Grey Wall lights

Grey Wall lights

Grey is a versatile and subtle colour that fits into many different decor styles. Choose from our selection of grey wall lights below.

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    Portland Reclaimed Style Wall Light French Grey
    French Grey Reclaimed Style Wall Light - Portland - Soho Lighting
    NOW £68.00
    RRP £78.00 Save £10.00
  2. Grey Industrial Wall Light
  3. Argyll Industrial Wall Light Leaden Grey
  4. French Grey Wall Light
  5. Oxford Vintage Wall Light Leaden Grey
  6. Oxford Vintage Wall Light French Grey
  7. Oxford Vintage Wall Light Pale Grey
  8. Saxby Severus Grey CCT round indirect IP65 2.8W Exterior Wall Light
  9. Saxby Severus Grey CCT vertical indirect IP65 2.8W Exterior Wall Light
  10. Saxby Severus Grey Landscape Direct IP65 3W warm white Exterior Wall Light
  11. Saxby Severus Grey landscape indirect IP65 2W warm white Exterior Wall Light
  12. Saxby Severus Grey square indirect IP65 1.1W warm white Exterior Wall Light

12 Items

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Grey Wall Lights

Our grey wall lighting collection is ideal for adding a touch of elegance to any room. Whether you're looking for something understated or want to create a more dramatic effect, these wall lights are an excellent choice. With a variety of styles to choose from, we're sure you'll find the perfect light for your home.

Add a touch of industrial style to your setting with our grey wall lights. Our top picks include the Grey Haze industrial lamp, with its vintage-inspired design and rustic finishes. Looking for something a little darker? Then the Leaden Grey Slate Industrial lamp might be more your style. With its antique-style exposed bulb and distressed metal finish, this lamp is perfect for giving any room an industrial edge.

In addition, you can add charm and character to any space with our reclaimed style lamps. Our Grey Haze wall light, for example, is a beautiful lamp that will help you inject some personality into your home. It has a stylish design and warm grey finish that is sure to impress.

Grey wall lighting can effortlessly enhance the appearance of your home, but you’re short of ideas about where to place your lamp. Then read our guide on where to place wall lights to get some inspiration.

Browse our grey wall lighting category to find the perfect addition for your home or office.