where to place wall lights

Wall lights are an often underrated type of light. They can be a fantastic addition to a home for a layered lighting scheme. It can often be difficult to decide on where to place wall lights to maximise the light in the areas that need it most. As well as tying it in with another light source such as downlights or pendant lights, to create that ambient, and layered levels of light.

We discuss the best places to position your wall lights for optimum lighting in your home.

What's The Best Height For Wall Lights?

The most common question when it comes to positioning wall lights is, what's the best height to place them? This can depend on a number of factors. Including the size and style of the wall light, the proportions of the room and the ambient style you are looking to achieve.

As a general rule of thumb the wall light should sit at eye level to avoid glare from the exposed bulbs. To get slightly technical, wall lights should be positioned around 152-170cm above the floor. Multiple wall lights should be placed around 250-300cm apart.

However, if you have a home which benefits from a lot of ceiling height then you may want to readjust the positioning to adapt to the room. This might also differ in rooms such as a bathroom or bedroom where you may want to position them next to a bed or mirrors.

Where To Place Wall Lights In A Bathroom?

Placing your walls lights at the right height is not a one size fits all measurement for the bathroom. Often wall lights are used either side of a mirror which is perfect for illuminating and using as task lighting.

When situating on either side of a mirror, it is best to place them at around eye level. If using wall light sconces, place them with the centres slightly lower. This will create a perfect position to provide clarity and illumination for those daily tasks. Just ensure to fit suitably IP 44 rated + wall lights for this area.

where to place wall lights

Where To Place Wall Lights In A Bedroom?

Another exception to the rule is placing wall lights in a bedroom as they are commonly used for lights by the bedside. If you're using wall lights as a replacement for a bedside lamp, you should place them around shoulder height so they can easily be switched on and off from your bed.

Aside from this, wall lights make a great alternative to ceiling lights in a bedroom as they provide a softer, more ambient touch. As well as adding some depth and decorative style to the room. You could also install a dimmer with the wall lights to create an even gentler ambience when required.

Using Wall Lights As Picture Lights

You may wish to use wall lights to illuminate your artwork below. This is a great way to showcase a piece of art in a gallery or at home. In this instance, wall lights are suspended above the chosen piece to create the perfect backdrop.

where to place wall lights

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