what colours go with grey

Grey remains a hugely popular colour for interior design. It's highly versatile, can introduce warmth when combined with other colours, and it's suitable for a myriad of interior design schemes from Scandic, to modern design.

As it's such a versatile colour it does go with a wide range of colours, but it's important to pair them correctly so it doesn't leave your room feeling cold.

To help you execute grey in your home with precision, our interior design guide looks at what colours go with grey in the home.

What Colours Go With Grey Walls

If grey is becoming your dominant colour across your walls you might be wondering what complementary colours work well with grey walls to help lift them, and to stop this neutral colour making a room feel a cold.

Grey & Black

For modern interior design, black is a must have accent colour that will provide definition in a room. It's a great colour match against grey which is generally a lighter, softer shade.

Black should be used as an accent colour only in this setting, from table leg accents, to side tables and small decor accessories.

Introducing additional colours into the mix will create a softer interior, including shades such as white, cream and earthy green. Or keep things dramatic like this bedroom look, a moody, modern and masculine aesthetic.

what colours go with grey

Grey & White

The most classic pairing you will see with grey is white for a no-nonsense, complementary colour that will lift your interior.

White could be introduced in a number of ways. Perhaps you have chosen to paint your walls grey up to a picture rail. By painting above the picture rail up to the ceiling in a bright white shade, not only does this contrast help to lift the room, but as you enter the room your eyes are instantly drawn up to the ceiling, making the room feel taller than it actually is.

White can also be introduced through furnishings, textiles and curtains to soften the room.

what colours go with grey

Grey & Mustard

If you're looking to achieve a more masculine style interior, mustard is a warm, dynamic colour pairing to grey.

Mustard will bring beautiful warmth to the space which is a much welcome colour against blocks of grey. Layer this colour throughout with home furnishings, textiles and curtains.

If you're looking for a powerful trio of colours, introduce navy blue as an accent colour that packs a punch!

what colours go with grey

Grey & Red

Introducing red to a grey interior creates a dramatic, eye catching room. Just like black, red is best used as an accent colour in this instance to avoid an overbearing interior.

Subtle touches of red will define the space and bring warmth. Add red cushions, chairs with red accents and small decor accessories.

Grey & Earthy Green

If you've opted for a greige (a mature cream/grey shade) then a neutral home decor scheme is probably on the cards. You have a huge choice of other shades on the neutral colour spectrum that work amazingly well together.

Earthy Green is a beautiful complementary colour for grey for a number of reasons. It brings in warmth without being overbearing, it can act as a defining, grounding colour when used in places such as skirting boards and architraves, and it works so well with other neutral colours too such as cream and brown.

As well as using earthy green on architraves and skirting, introduce it with linen curtains, cushions and throws.

Grey & Blush Pink

Blush Pink lends a much softer approach to pairing with grey, it offers a really whimsical, pretty feel that works well in living rooms and bedrooms.

Blush pink is a popular colour for small decor accessories such as wall prints, this will help to break up the monotony of grey walls. It works beautifully when introduced as home furnishings, cushions and throws.

what colours go with grey

Grey & Cream

If white feels like too much of a harsh colour pairing to grey, cream is a great alternative that will bring in warmth, and light to the space.

Cream can be used through skirting boards, architraves, doors and in more conventional home furnishings and decor accessories. Pair with other like neutrals such as earthy green and brown for a Scandic, boho design look.

what colours go with grey

What Colour Accent Wall Goes With Grey?

A focal point in a room is always a good idea, and it's a smart way to break up the monotony of grey walls. Go for a neutral, timeless accent wall such as cream, white or earthy green. For a more daring look, introduce a black, blush pink, red or mustard accent wall.

If you only want to introduce grey as an accent colour, Grey Pendant Lights are a perfect way to appreciate this colour, whilst not being overbearing in the space. They'll add a timeless look to your space, whilst adding character and definition to the ceiling.

For a versatile colour that can bring warmth and definition to a space, grey is a perfect choice as it works well with myriad of decor schemes and complementary colours.