longevity of LEDs

LED lighting continues to be the most popular form of lighting. Whilst there are still both incandescent and halogen bulbs being used in households, with the staggering increase in energy prices, there's never been a better time to make that switch to LED lighting if you are yet to do so.

Whilst the initial cost of LED bulbs is marginally higher, when you look at the life expectancy and the longevity of a LED bulb over time and with the cost savings, LED lighting is a smart move to make. Let's explore the longevity of LED's further.

Longevity of LED's

The lifespan of LED bulbs has always been a huge driver in why people choose LED to light their homes. Compared to their traditional counterparts such as incandescent and halogen, there is a massive jump in the average lifespan as demonstrated on the image below.

Individual LED bulbs offer a whopping average of 25,000 + hours as their lifespan. This is opposed to a traditional incandescent lasting for just 1,200 hours! Using these figures, if an LED bulb was used for 6 hours a day (much more than the average daily usage), then your LED bulb would last for a whopping 7.6 years without the need to be changed. In comparison to a standard incandescent bulb which would only last for 3 months!

Whilst LED bulbs can be slightly more expensive, with hours more use, the cost savings that are created over time will continue to pay for the bulb over, and over again.

Environmental Factors

Whilst LED bulbs have better longevity, there are still other things that will help to increase the lifespan. Higher than normal temperatures in a ceiling, or roof space creates a lack of airflow around the bulb. This lack of airflow or poorly regulated mains power supply can be detrimental to the lifespan of an LED bulb. This is one of the biggest causes of a reduced lifespan as it creates far more strain on the LED.

Slow Start Dimmers

Whilst LED bulbs already offer incredible longevity, there are also other ways you can stop the LED's from straining during use. If you have a dimmer switch installed on the circuit, invest in dimmer switches which use soft start technology. This technology enables the dimming settings to be changed in that period. The mechanism causes a slow build up, meaning less strain on the LED and improved longevity of the LED driver. All of our dimmer switches at Elesi feature soft start technology. This means your bulbs can benefit from this each, and every use.

longevity of LED bulbs

LED bulbs offer longevity and cost savings to a household. Take a look at our full range of LED bulbs to help make that switch today.

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