The Cost Benefit of Switching to LED Bulbs – Save 86% of your lighting costs over 3 years!

Despite the ban on old style Vintage Edison bulbs by the EU in 2016, many remain for sale on the market. However, buying these old-style energy hungry bulbs can be more costly than you might at first think, and not just for the environment.

The table below illustrates the saving that can be achieved for both homeowners and commercial businesses by switching to energy efficient LED lighting.


Buying Safe Electrical Products for Your Home!

When purchasing electrical and lighting products for your home, always ensure you use a reliable source. Online shopping brings many benefits, but regretfully there are also many untested and uncertified electrical and lighting products now available on popular e-commerce and shopping websites that have been shipped direct from Asia. Elesi is a member of the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) who advise the EU on lighting standards and testing. We conform to the LIA quality procurement standards and all of our products come fully tested, certified and guaranteed.