If you’re choosing downlights for your bathroom, you really need to take great care. There are strict regulations around the sort of lights you can use, and of course, you need to be sure that they are safe. In this article we look at what are IP rated downlights, why they are important, and where you can use them.

LED Fire Rated IP Rated Downlights

IP (in IP Rating) stands for Ingress Progression. This is a simple way of indicating how well protected the light is from external influence. The IP rating determines if an electrical product’s exterior case will protect the working parts from water or solid object intrusion. IP testing should always be performed at an accredited test laboratory and includes repeatedly testing the standards to ensure protection.

Why does IP rating matter?

what are ip rated bathroom downlights

Simply for safety. If you are using non-IP rated downlights, there could be a risk that water or solids could get through the casing and into the product wiring. This is especially important, and essential when using downlights in bathrooms.

Where can IP rated downlights be used?

The IP rating of your downlights relates to where they can be used in the bathroom. Think of the bathroom as being split into different zones, rather than being one whole space. In the image below, we can see the different zones in the bathroom. These relate to the likelihood of water being around the product.

ip rating bathroom zones

Zone 0

This is inside the bath or the shower itself. Any fitting here must be low voltage (max 12v) and be rated at least IP67 (total immersion proof).

Zone 1

This is the area above the shower or bath, to a height of 2.25m from the floor. Here the minimum rating required is IP46, but it is generally better to go higher - to IP65.

Zone 2

This is the area stretching 0.6m outside of the perimeter of the bath and to a height of 2.25m from the floor. An IP rating of at least IP44 is required here. It is also good to consider the area around a sink, within a 60cm of any tap to be considered as zone 2.

Outside Zones

These are anywhere outside zones 0,1 and 2 and where no water jet is likely to be used. There are no specific IP requirements for this zone, however it is recommended that you consider a light with an IP rating of at least 20. If you are likely to use water jets for cleaning, you should use a fitting with a minimum of IP65.

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Do kitchen downlights need to be IP rated?

There is no regulation requirement for kitchen downlights to be IP rated.

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