Imagine finding a range of sockets and switches that perfectly suits your home décor, looks great and is in your price range. Now imagine picking everything you need from that range, and finding all but one of your desired fixtures.

Black and white euro modules

In a world without euro modules or grid switches, the lack of depth in a range of sockets and switches may mean that you need to choose another range, which can be disappointing and frustrating. With euro modules, however you can complete the range with less common items such as USB sockets, mixed with TV sockets, or brush modules, or many other types.

Grid switches allow you to create completely custom switches. You can learn more about these in our guide: Grid Switches Explained. Euro Modules, unlike grid switches are mainly focused around types of sockets.

What do I need to buy for Euro Modules?

Euro Module Faceplates (Dataplates)

The first thing you’ll need is the faceplate. This is the surround for your socket. This should be part of the range. These tend to come in 1 gang or 2 gang, however these can also come in 1 gang, 1 module sizes.

You can then choose from common euro mods, depending on what you need. If the range that you are interested in doesn’t come with euro module faceplates, however then you may need to consider purchasing a different range.

It is also possible to purchase euro module floor sockets, which allow you to add a different type of socket to a floor socket, allowing you to create anything from 5 amp floor sockets to HDMI floor sockets and TV floor sockets.

Black or white inserts?

You will find that euro modules are available in a few different colours, commonly black, white and grey. It is important that you match these to the inserts in the rest of your range. So if the plug insert in your brushed chrome sockets is black, then you’ll need to choose black euro mods to go with brushed chrome euro module faceplates.

How to fit euro modules

The simplicity of these is their best feature. You simply click the euro module into the plate. Just push it in until it clicks. We recommend getting an electrician to fit the socket to the mains though.

Are euro modules interchangeable?

Euro modules are interchangeable, as you can pop them out and replace with others of the same size. For example, a 2 module 13amp socket module can be replaced with a 2 module 5 amp socket module. This needs to be done before the module and plate have been fitted to the wall though.

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