kitchen island pendant lights

Kitchen islands are a great feature in a kitchen. They help to create a light, airy and more importantly, social space that can be enjoyed by everyone. Your kitchen island or breakfast bar might be ready to go, but without the adequate illumination it won't be the airy open space that you're trying to achieve.

We explore kitchen lighting and how many you should put over a kitchen island.

How Many Pendants Should You Put Over A Kitchen Island?

It is quite subjective as to how many pendant lights should be hung over a kitchen island. Of course, you need to take into consideration the size of the kitchen island and height of the room.

Generally speaking, when it comes to pendants for a kitchen island, breakfast bar, or even dining space, you should think about the rule of odds. This is one of the only exceptions to three's a crowd, because in fact, 3 is the just right amount for lighting! The reason a row of odds of 3, 5, or even 7 work better than singularly or as a pair is because it allows for a harmonious, and well balanced area between the spaces, rather than subjects. This design concept provides a much more visually attractive space than if you were to use evens.

However, there are occasions when just two can look good. But this should be decided by your space, as the rule of odds visually does work better over a kitchen island. A balance of odds will help to disperse and reflect the light evenly throughout the space.

Pendant Lighting Ideas

Glass Lighting

There are lots of gorgeous pendant lighting ideas suitable for use over kitchen islands. Whether you're looking for a colour match to kitchen cabinets or glass lighting to match your decor effortlessly.

Glass is a perfect choice for kitchen islands as it allows for the maximum light output, as well as being both elegant and stylish. The Hollen Acorn lends itself to a pendant light for use over a kitchen island due to the Art Deco style prismatic glass, and works particularly well with brass hardware such as taps or sockets and switches.

The Geo Trapeze is another sensational kitchen island pendant light. A row of three would make an incredible lighting statement in an open plan kitchen setting. The glass helps to disperse, reflect and retract light. Perfect for a kitchen which doesn't get a lot of natural light.

For a chic kitchen space the Cambridge Glass Pendant will create gravitas and presence. The luxurious Cambridge works well as a centrepiece as well as in a row, or above a table, and matches particularly beautifully with rose gold accents.

kitchen island pendant light

Hand Painted Lights

From our hand painted collection of lights, the Oxford vintage style pendant is perfect for a country style or period kitchen. The enamelled look, with natural subtle imperfections to give the light authenticity and charm. Available in 10 desirable colours.

kitchen island pendant light

For a larger kitchen space, the Brewer cage industrial pendant light would look great as a row of odds. The ultimate in industrial styling, this Brewer Cage Industrial Pendant Light in French Grey is hand finished in paint to emulate a timeless enamelled look.

kitchen island pendant light

For smaller kitchen islands, the petite Ganton is one of the smallest pendants in our range, but certainly doesn't lack on style! With a charming bell-like shape, the Ganton Vintage Cage Pendant light offers both style and versatility. The cage can be left on or removed, for two slightly different style options.

Take a look at our full range of pendant lights for more kitchen island lighting inspiration.

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