Many people choose to have brass finishes in their home, be it brass sockets and switches, lighting, door handles or other features. Brass is commonly available as polished brass, antique (or aged) brass, brushed brass or satin brass. This versatile, yet classic looking finish has really stood the test of time.

While gold is a common metal that features in many parts of life, it isn’t quite as common in British homes. Gold sockets and switches aren’t quite as common as brass sockets and switches, however people do still search for these, as well as gold downlights, gold lighting and gold door handles.

Gold (Left) Vs Brass (right)

What is the difference between brass and gold?

When comparing the two different metals themselves (not necessarily the finishes), the density is the key difference. You may not want to, or have the time to mathematically test the density of each of the metals, but gold is denser, so will feel heavier than brass. Gold is also a non-reactive metal so won’t tarnish when exposed to the air. It also doesn’t react with acid, unlike brass.

When choosing between finishes for you household features, however, these are likely to be coloured or plated brass or gold, so the key difference is in the appearance. Brass and gold do have similar colours, however gold is shinier and carries a more yellow tone. Brass has a slightly duller tone and isn’t quite vibrant.

The slight dulled tone of brass makes it much more suitable for most homes as gold can be very over bearing. The soft look of brass makes it versatile, allowing it to complement its surroundings rather than overpower.

Antique Brass Toggle Switch

Types of Brass and Gold

As mentioned above, brass is available in antique/aged brass, polished brass, brushed brass and satin brass. See our guides to Antique Brass Vs Polished Brass and Copper Vs Brass Vs Bronze. Gold is less commonly available as a finish for sockets and switches, but can be found as a finish for door handles and lighting, including downlights.

Gold finish for home items tends to be brushed gold or polished, however the alloy rose gold is a far more common finish. See our guide to Rose Gold Vs Copper.

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