In our Kitchen Lighting Guide we explored all of the different key considerations you need to make when choosing the right kitchen sockets for your space. With the lighting to hand, let us turn our attention to the interior hardware choices.

Sockets and switches offer functionality and service, time and time again. It could be argued that your sockets and switches are one of the most used, appraised and touched items in your kitchen.

The offering of sockets and switches reaches far further than plain white plastic these days. It's time to treat your interior finishes in your kitchen.

Matching The Finish To Your Kitchen Decor

Letting your interiors lead the way and inspire your socket and switch combinations will help to achieve a seamless look to match your interior design. Be it modern, traditional or period.

Your interior hardware fittings can make or break the finished look, whilst they might be small, the impact they have overall can be huge.

It goes without saying that white plastic and white metal are perfect for modern interiors. They are practical and hardwearing. Most of our range comes with screw caps included, this means you can achieve that almost screwless like appearance for that streamlined look when in situ. For something a little bit trendy and sleek, Black Nickel sockets and switches are well suited to modern kitchens.

For period and rustic homes, both Antique Brass and Brushed Brass are design assets. Matching them with other interior fittings such as kitchen taps will help to create that styled finish throughout.

Brushed chrome is well suited to contemporary homes. With Polished Chrome generally considered to work well with the style of most homes. Polished Chrome mimics a mirror like effect and can be stunningly aesthetic once in place.

Whilst functionality should be a key factor, letting the design type become the major deciding factor will ensure that your fittings work seamlessly and become a design asset, rather than an eyesore in your kitchen.

Sockets And Switches Functionality

Functionality is still key when it comes to sockets and switches. They're going to be used multiple times per day so they need to be able to do what you need them to do.


How you choose to light your kitchen will also help lead your choice with switches.

If you're wanting to create an ambient lighting setup then a dimmer switch will help you achieve this. Dimmer switches give you the opportunity to dim or brighten the lighting in your home. They look stylish when in situ too.

For period style properties, toggle switches are perfect for a more traditional look. Our toggle switches ooze luxury and style, match them with the sockets in the range for a streamlined look.


If your kitchen is one that often doubles up as a work station, then opting for sockets with USB ports is a practical choice. Integrated USB ports are a great way to streamline device charging by removing the adapters. It also allows you to double up what you charge if required.

Our sockets with USB are available across all metal finishes.

Take a look at our extensive range of sockets and switches to fuel your interior inspiration.


How do I know where to put my sockets and switches in my kitchen?

We have a guide to help you place your sockets and switches safely in your kitchen. Read our guide here to find out more, but always consult an electrician if you're unsure.

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