The instantly recognisable predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco is characterised by delineated geometric shapes, decadent detail work and rich colours. The style has been brought back into mainstream media in recent years with movies like The Great Gatsby really bringing the era to life.

Originally a French style (Art Deco being short for Arts Décoratifs) it has appeared all over the world, including in some famous New York 20th century buildings as well as hotels and luxury apartments.

Art Deco

Whilst many home owners may find Deco a little overwhelming for a relaxing environment, it is also common to incorporate parts of the décor style by adding streamlined shapes in the form of angular furniture, instantly recognisable picture frames and beautifully designed lighting.

Glasshouse Polished Brass Opal Art Deco Pendant Light

The glasshouse opal brass pendant light brings injects plenty of style into a room, with geometric shapes.

One key part of the room, which is occasionally an overlooked part of the project is sockets and switches. These take up a relatively small amount of space, but a cheap looking white plastic switch in an otherwise beautifully designed and laid out Art Deco style apartment, home, or room, can ruin the overall appearance.

What socket and switch finish suits Art Deco?

Art Deco Switches

To answer this question, we need to look at a common feature of Art Deco. Many beautifully designed Art Deco spaces have mirrors. The mirrors not only serve a function but they also add to the overall look. Often framed or shaped with geometric lines, they truly make a statement.

The mirror-like finish of a polished chrome switch perfectly suits Art Deco decors. Whilst a brushed chrome finish may look too warm and soft, polished chrome adds a clean crispness, that really adds to the overall look of the room, without stealing the attention.

There may be a temptation to choose extravagant Deco style switches, however this would risk pulling the focus away from the rest of the room. Sockets and switches tend to work well subtly, rather than as a centrepiece. Try matching them with the nickel glasshouse pendant light as well as various Art Deco accents in the form of vases and lamps.

See our selection of polished chrome sockets and switches below as well as our art deco style pendant lights.