If you’re currently choosing which downlights you would like to buy, you may be faced with the choice of fire rated or non-fire rated downlights. You may be wondering whether all of your downlights need to be fire rated or just some of them.

Choosing the right downlights can be a bit of a daunting task. So, before deciding, it’s best to know what fire rated downlights are, why and where to use them.

LED Fire Rated Downlights

What are fire rated downlights?

When a hole is cut into your ceiling for your downlight, this creates a potential fire hazard as plaster board ceilings, and other safe ceilings can work as a fire barrier. If there are people living above the ceiling, the ceiling must be fire rated.

A hole in a ceiling could allow fire to spread upwards. Fire rated downlights essentially block the risk by sealing the gap, slowing the damage. Modern fire rated downlights tend to be fitting with an intumescent pad that swells. This blocks the flames when it reaches a certain temperature.

You may have noticed that some downlights are rated at 30, 60 or 90 minutes, or all three. This rating depends on the size and structure of the building. A top floor flat would likely require at least a 90, whilst the bottom floor may need 30 minutes.

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Where Should Fire Rated Downlights Be Used?

According to the Electrical Safety Council, fire rated downlights should be used in all ceilings, no matter what type of building in which they are installed.

LED downlights need to be fire rated if they are recessed or semi-recessed as the fire rating of the ceiling would need to be maintained. If they are on the surface of the ceiling, and don’t compromise the plasterboard, the fire rating will not be affected. Therefore the downlights do not necessarily need to be fire rated.

See our LED fire rated downlights.


What kind of fire rated downlights can I have?

Our range of fire rated downlights included fixed, tiltable, and even Dim to Warm downlights. Check out our wide range of downlights to find out the best fit for your needs!

What if I have just brought a set of sockets and switches, can I match my downlights?

Yes, you can match your downlights to your sockets and switches. We have a great range of finishes, including Soho Lighting Co. finishes!

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