Burgundy is a rich colour inspired by wine which originates from the Burgundy region of France. This sophisticated colour symbolises ambition, wealth and power.

Introducing a colour such as burgundy to your home can add warmth and character.

Interior design is all about mixing and matching, and finding the balance between colours and patterns, and if this is a colour you want to experiment in your home with, keep reading. We explore the colours which go perfectly with burgundy.

Which Colours Go With Burgundy?

This deep, dark red colour is the result of mixing red with a dash of green and blue, creating brown with purple undertones to the colour. This shade is ever so slightly more purple than its close relative, Maroon, which tends to display a fraction more vibrant red. Because of this, burgundy works well with a variety of shades from the colour wheel for some wonderful combinations.

Burgundy & Grey/Charcoal

Burgundy is a hot pairing for a variety of different shades of grey. This is one of the most classic burgundy colour combinations. This is a very popular choice for wedding attire and decor.

They're such a great match because burgundy helps to uplift grey by adding warmth and depth, this is especially true for fashion and interiors. For interiors that are grey throughout, adding burgundy through furniture or decor helps to add contrast and depth to the room.

Burgundy & Turquoise Blue

It's one of those duos that sounds so wrong, but it actually works! Because of the undertones of burgundy, these colours really complement each other. Turquoise is on the cooler side of the colour spectrum so it co-ordinates well with the rich and deep colour that is burgundy. Try adding some turquoise throw cushions to a burgundy sofa, and watch the colours really pop!

Burgundy & Bronze

Bronze and burgundy are a gorgeous pairing. Bronze with reddish hues work perfectly with deep red colours such as burgundy. 

Not as commonly seen throughout home interiors, burgundy and bronze are depicted as a classic Christmas combination throughout decorations.

A subtle way of creeping this metal into your home could be through our range of Bronze Sockets & Switches.

Burgundy & Yellow

Specifically golden yellow, works very well with burgundy. The result is a rich and elegant colour combination.

This opulent pairing, can be worked through a home very elegantly. Go for opulence when choosing furniture and accessories, and remember, less is more. They are both very powerful colours that need to be able to work together.

Burgundy & Pink

This combination can be perfectly executed through fashion and interiors. From light to medium shades of pink, you can easily pick up a number to go with burgundy. It's best to avoid neon and striking shades of pink, as it will become a battle of the spotlight! Stick to neutral tones to really allow burgundy to display its vivid nature.

It's a simple and elegant match. This is for those most daring in their home, working pink accessories and furniture into a burgundy room will help to achieve a striking finish.

Burgundy & Green

What makes green such a great compliment to the deep hues of burgundy is the natural richness of both colors.

If we take a look at nature, these colours are commonly seen together such as with the classic rich red of a garden rose paired with the emerald green of its stem and leaves. You could be forgiven for thinking these colours are only spotted together during Christmas, but they're a classic match that can look great in a home.

If you're feeling inspired, take a look at our range of Burgundy lights to bring this gorgeous colour into your interiors.

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