what is galvanised finish

There are many metal finishes available that can help to both enhance the finish, offer protection to external elements and increase the overall durability of the product.

A galvanised finish is one of the most popular finishes to help retain the look of products. We explore exactly what it is and the benefits that it offers.

What Is Galvanised Finish?

A galvanised finish or galvanisation involves the process of applying a protective zinc coating to steel or iron. There are two methods that this process can be done.

Hot dip galvanising is the most popular method. Galvanizers Association state that this follows a batch process in which prepared steel is immersed in molten zinc at around 450°C (galvanizing of fabricated articles in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461). The thickness and finish of this method can easily be checked without damaging the coating.

The second method is Continuous Galvanizing. The continuous hot dip galvanizing of steel strip (EN 10346), wire (EN 10244-2) and tube (EN 10240) involves passing through molten zinc in an automated plant.

The main purpose of a galvanised finish is to protect against corrosion and rust, bringing durability and longevity to the product.

What Are The Benefits of A Galvanised Finish?

A galvanised finish can bring many benefits to a product, especially the durability that it brings. An average coating thickness could protect a steel structure for up to 100 years.

Rust Protection

The finish will also work to protect from external elements producing rust. Whilst rust will eventually form, it will take a much longer time for the metal to rust than uncoated metal.

It's Reliable

Galvanising is a highly reliable form of corrosion protection. It forms a metallurgical bond during the galvanisation process which becomes part of the metal. Unlike other forms of corrosion protection, it is not just a chemical or mechanical bond. Additionally, as this process does not require cooling or reapplication, the galvanised finish protects the metal from day 1 and will last for years to come.

An Economic Option

Galvanisation is the most affordable option for coating, and protecting metal. It has the lowest overall cost compared to other coatings. A paint system was found to be 35% more expensive than hot dip galvanising.

Galvanised finish is an effective, reliable and cost effective option. Whilst it will continue working over the years, adding longevity to the product.