what is colour rendering index
L-R: CRI 80, CRI 93, CRI 97

Have you ever wondered why objects can look different in different lights, and why? There's a scientific reason for this, rather than it just being the responsibility of the 'room'.

Colour rendering Index, also known as CRI is the measurement of how colours look under a light source when compared with sunlight.

The CRI measurement index ranges between 0-100. Depending on where your light source is in the CRI spectrum, it can have a significant impact on the representation of the room and the objects within it.

What Is The Colour Rendering Index?

The colour rendering index measurement ranges between 0-100. 100 being the highest CRI, emulating daylight. Whilst anything from 80 and below offers a poor colour reference.

Let's take a look at the below CRI measurements and how they can affect what the eye can see.

CRI 97-100

A light with a CRI of 97-100 is highly desirable. The higher the CRI, the truer representation of the colour, with optimum clarity and definition.

100 means it only reflects the true colour. The added clarity means that a CRI of 100 would even allow you to pick out a pin on the floor! Offering the ultimate accuracy and precision, a CRI at the highest end of the spectrum is ideal for any room in the house, and for whatever role the room plays.

what is colour rendering index
CRI 97

CRI 93

A CRI of 90 up to 97 still represents a good colour reference. But anything below 100 and the light output doesn't represent the full colour spectrum. CRI reflects what's around it, so even with a slight marginal difference in CRI, you can already start to see the effect it has on the colour.

The objects have lost some of their clarity and their radiance.

what is colour rendering index
CRI 93

CRI 80 & Below

Take it down to a CRI of 80 and below and you'll notice a huge impact on the colour, clarity and definition. Anything from 80 and below is deemed as a poor colour reference. This will have an impact on the room, the objects within it, and even your mood.

The overall effect between 93 and 80 as pictured below is remarkable. The colour is dull, it no longer reflects its true colour and it's lost its 'zest', literally!

what is colour rendering index
CRI 80

Colour rendering index is an incredibly important aspect to consider when choosing the lighting for your home. A poor CRI can change the entire room. The paint will look different, the furniture you've spent ages selecting will look different, and it can even change the mood of the room.

When you're next choosing paint or furniture for your home, remember to think of CRI and opt for lighting with the highest CRI where possible for the optimum colour, accuracy and precision in your home.

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