Choosing a finish for your home can often be a challenge when faced with multiple different types of finish. It’s likely that you know you are choosing a silver tone to match your interior design. Among the myriad options nickel and chrome stand out as popular choices for their timeless appeal and durability. However, the two are not synonymous. In this blog, we will explore the characteristics of nickel and chrome and help you to choose your finish with confidence.

What is Chrome Finish

nickel vs chrome
Polished Chrome 2 Gang USB Socket

Chrome has a cool colour temperature, with bluer hues to give the finish a bright silver appearance. This sleek and modern finish adds a contemporary flair to any space, and is usually available as a highly polished finish, or a satin effect brushed chrome.

Polished chrome finishes feature a mirror-like shine that reflects light and creates dimension in your interior design. It’s also a great match with modern chrome taps and lighting and enhances minimalist spaces.

What is Nickel Finish?

nickel vs chrome
Kemp Nickel Wall Light

At a glance, nickel is almost identical to chrome. However nickel has a slight hint of gold in its tone, leading to a warmer finish than its cooler counterpart. This slightly yellow tone can give the appearance of an aged metal that is perfect for vintage style spaces, pairing particularly well with Art Deco or even industrial styled homes.

Just as with polished chrome, nickel can be either highly polished for a mirror like sheen or brushed to create a satin appearance. Both of these finishes work beautifully in the home, or even as outdoor lighting. Nickel is known for its durability and resistance to corrosion. This makes it a great option for high-moisture environments such as bathrooms or outdoor lighting.

Black Nickel

Black Nickel Sockets and Switches

This finish differs from nickel and chrome in one key way, it's much darker than chrome or nickel. Black nickel is not true black, and exhibits more of the warmth associated with nickel. This warmth leads to a dark, almost smoky finish with an aged appearance. Black nickel is perfect for modern, minimalist, or contemporary spaces.

Choosing Between Nickel and Chrome

Whether you prefer the timeless elegance of nickel or the modernity of chrome, both finishes offer distinct characteristics that can enhance the beauty and functionality of your home.

The key to deciding between these two finishes is to consider the overall aesthetic of your home. A cooler toned chrome will be more suitable for a modern or contemporary space, while nickel provides a slightly aged appearance, and is best suited for vintage, Art deco, or even spaces with an industrial twist to them.

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