What are lumens?

What are lumens?LED Light bulb brightness is often stated in lumens (often shortened to lm). This information is available in the ‘Technical’ tab of all of our light bulb product pages.

With traditional inefficient incandescent bulbs of the past, brightness was predominantly gauged in watts. Modern efficient LED light bulbs also give a watt measurement, however because they are so efficient and the energy consumption (measured in watts) is very small, it can be difficult to relate incandescent watts brightness to LED watts brightness. Lumens are a more reliable measure for brightness of an LED bulb and the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light.

When choosing the best light bulbs for your home, you should consider where the light is situated and how bright the light source needs to be. Bright lighting is important for tasks such as cooking or reading. However it is not ideal for areas of the home where you want to relax or create atmosphere. Dimmer switches are another option to consider as this gives you complete control over the brightness of your light. If you are considering dimming switches, please see our dimmer switch category but be warned, not all dimmer switches are the same!

If you still think in watts rather than lumens, it may be useful for you to see how they compare. Below we have detailed how the wattage of incandescent bulbs compares to the lumens of modern efficient LED bulbs.

LED Bulb Equivalent


Buying Safe Electrical Products for Your Home!

When purchasing electrical and lighting products for your home, always ensure you use a reliable source. Online shopping brings many benefits, but regretfully there are also many untested and uncertified electrical and lighting products. These are available on popular e-commerce and shopping websites that have been shipped direct from Asia. Elesi is a member of the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) who advise the EU on lighting standards and testing. We conform to the LIA quality procurement standards and all of our products come fully tested, certified and guaranteed.

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