how to dispose of light bulbsIf you are replacing old inefficient or damaged light bulbs, or upgrading to ultra-efficient LED bulbs to deliver cost-saving, environmental and long-life benefits, you’ll need to safely dispose of your old bulbs. In this quick guide, will explain how to dispose of different bulb types responsibly.

Standard Incandescent Light Bulbs

These traditional bulbs that we have grown up with can be disposed of in normal household waste. They cannot be recycled as the fine wires are difficult to separate from the glass. We advise that you wrap the bulbs or broken glass in sufficient newspaper or cardboard and secure the package with tape to prevent injury to others handling the waste.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL Bulbs)

CFL bulbs, also known as energy saving bulbs contain small amounts of mercury and although deemed as safe, they must be collected separately for disposal. There are many local recycling schemes and these are often the best way to dispose of your CFL. To find your local recycling point search for WEEE compliant CFL recycling points.

Halogen Lamps

You can dispose Halogen bulbs in same way as Standard Incandescent Bulbs. Refer to protective packaging advice above for safe disposal.

LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are difficult to recycle and you can dispose these in same way as Standard Incandescent Bulbs. You can refer to protective packaging advice above for safe disposal.


Buying Safe Electrical Products for Your Home!

When purchasing electrical and lighting products for your home, always ensure you use a reliable source. Online shopping brings many benefits, but regretfully there are also many untested and uncertified electrical and lighting products now available on popular e-commerce and shopping websites that have been shipped direct from Asia.

Elesi is a member of the LIA (Lighting Industry Association) who advise the EU on lighting standards and testing. We conform to the LIA quality procurement standards and all of our products come fully tested, certified and guaranteed.[related_products is_auto_added="1"]