When it comes to finishing your interior design, matching your light switches for a cohesive style can be challenging. While a beautiful screwless finish certainly makes all the difference to your space, a rocker switch may detract from your period or traditional interior. Similarly, a plain dimmer knob can be underwhelming in a maximalist room filled with textures and a rich colour palette.

With the stunning range of dimmer and toggle designs from The Soho Lighting Co. you can go one step further to finding the perfect match for your interior. With five designs to choose from, each one lends a tactile elegance to your chosen finish.

dimmer and toggle designs

Available in Polished Chrome, Brushed Brass, Brushed Chrome, you can choose matching dimmer and toggle switches for your chosen finish, and this way you can really make the most of your interior design style.

So, let’s take a look at the designs, and how each one can elevate different styles of interior.

Vintage Knurled

Vintage Knurled Dimmer and Toggle in Brushed Bass

Taking inspiration from classic rotary radios of the 30’s and 40’s, The Vintage Knurled offers a retro twist on the plain dimmer and toggle designs with its delightful crosshatch texture.

dimmer and toggle designs
Image Courtesy of @kitandco_

This charming design works equally well in Polished chrome and Brushed Chrome, the cooler toned metal works beautifully with a modern interior, giving it an extra touch of style, but for that quintessential vintage vibe, Brushed Brass is the way to go, making it ideal for a Boho or Retro style space.

Contemporary Knurled

Contemporary Knurled Dimmer and Toggle in Brushed Chrome

Similar to the Vintage Knurled with its intricate crosshatch design, the distinctive bands of the Contemporary Knurled design makes it the perfect pairing for a contemporary or modern space.

Try this bold texture with a Brushed Chrome or Polished Chrome switch plate for a sleek design that will enhance a modern interior.

Art Deco

Art Deco Dimmer and Toggle in Polished Chrome

The Art Deco boasts uniform ridges for a sophisticated style that, as its name suggests, pairs beautifully with an Art Deco or even vintage interior.

Image Courtesy of @layered.home

Use a Brushed Brass Art Deco toggle or dimmer with jewel tone walls and gold accents to pack a stylish punch, or Polished Chrome with a monochrome interior to make a true design statement.


Victorian Dimmer and Toggle in Brushed Brass

Styling a period property can be an extra challenge, especially when modern assets such as light switches need to be taken into consideration. The Victorian toggle and dimmer design bridges the gap between modern necessities and traditional style, offering a new way to blend light switch seamlessly into your period interior.

The smooth form of the Victorian brings understated elegance no matter the finish, though this design works particularly well in Brushed Brass to bring warmth and luxury to your room.

No matter which style or finish you choose, each and every dimmer and toggle design has its own unique character that will help to enhance your space. Whether you prefer Polished Chrome, Brushed Chrome, or Brushed Brass, there’s a dimmer and toggle for your home.

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