A soft mixture of green and blue, turquoise can add a certain serenity to any room. It can be used subtly, or throughout the décor and adds a nautical style due to its association with the sea or calm lakes on a sunny day.

Turquoise can be a welcome addition to any room, as it isn’t overly stimulating for a bedroom, isn’t overbearing for a living room and can suit the nature of the bathroom. You don’t need to go all out and colour everything in turquoise though, there are many ways to add a splash of the blue green colour to your room. In this article we look at five turquoise décor ideas.

1. Paintings & Photography

This is a really simple way to inject a bit of turquoise into the room. Simply put up some pictures on your wall. Photos of the sea can work really well for this, or paintings that mix blues and greens. This can subtly affect the overall feel of the room without taking a lot of effort.

2. Lighting

Turquoise Pendant Lights

Decorative lighting is a great way to bring in some colour. The OhSo F&B range from Soho Lighting includes a selection of beautiful hand made duck egg blue / turquoise pendant lights and wall lights. These stunning lights come in variety of designs to suit various sizes and shapes of room. The larger lights make a real statement and can be enough alone to add turquoise to the space, and the smaller lights work well in clusters to have a similar effect.

3. Rugs

If you wish to add a bit of turquoise to the lower part of your room, without changing everything, a rug can be a far easier solution than changing the carpet or painting the floorboards. If you later decide that the colour isn’t for you, it is far easier to remove a rug too!

Turquoise decor ideas

4. Paint the walls

If wall art, lighting and rugs don’t quite add enough turquoise to your room, try painting one or more of the walls. This can create a tranquil feel and can work well with greys and whites.

5. Furniture

Try adding turquoise tables, sofas or chairs to your room. This may look a bit over the top if you have painted the walls in the same colour, but if you add turquoise furniture to a room that has been painted white or grey, it can make it look eye catching.[related_products is_auto_added="1"]