Soho Lighting Black Terminal F Connector EM-Euro Module

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Orders Placed by 2pm dispatched same working day

This 25mm x 50mm screened satellite F Connector Euro Module also known as a Sky TV socket provides secure connection for appropriate TV and satellite coaxial cables with F Connector plugs. This is a through connector type module which requires screw connectors to both the front and rear of the plate. This EM-Euro Module is compatible with Euro Module EM Floor and Wall Plates from the Soho Lighting switch and socket range. This allows you to build custom socket or multimedia plates, combing connection outlets such as CAT 5/6, BT, Satellite, USB or HDMI etc. on to a single plate. This EM module is not compatible with RM, CM, (RM+CM), EM, LT1, LT2 or LT3 Plates.