With a bright gold appearance, brass has long been a popular choice in interior design in both period styled and statement properties.

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, however, with varying levels of these components, brass can also appear to be reddish-gold or silvery-white. Brass adds instant timelessness and elegant authenticity to any project.

What Colours Go Well With Brass?

As such a popular metal, we explore the different colours that go well with with brass.

Brass & Turquoise

Brass works superbly with bold blocks of colours. Don't shy away from this bold combination, just ensure that you keep other elements in your home neutral.

A subtle way to combine these colours could be through turquoise and brass home decor, sockets and switches.

Brass & Bronze

These two metals can hold their own, but combine them together and the result is a classic and elegant finish.

Our Fusion range highlights just how perfectly these metals works together. The matt bronze faceplate is perfectly complimented with the warm tones of a brushed brass switch.

Brass & Monochrome

Contrasting black and white with brass is a fail safe combination. Brass accents can give black and white a much needed injection of warmth.

Subtle use of brass in a monochromatic space really does help to break of the monotony of the colours.

Brass & Forest Green

Inspired by nature, forest green and brass is a classic yet bold colour combination. This particularly works well by way of using forest green on the walls and using brass in subtle accents throughout. This could be done through interior hardware detailing such as door knobs and sockets and switches.

Brass & Brown

Brass works incredibly well with natural, rustic spaces. A nice brown or natural wood finish works incredibly well with brass as it helps to lift the colour. Both of the components allow the other to take centre stage, this makes it a wonderful pairing.

As pictured below with a Brushed Brass socket, the natural brown colour and the brushed brass draw from each, this helps to bring out the underlying tones of the colours.

Brass & Mustard Yellow

Whilst you could say that these two are very close in their underlying tones, brass and mustard both do work really well together.

These two colours sit close together on the colour wheel, and in the right environment can be considered adjacent. The key here is to balance the colours out and to not have too much of one thing. Adding a third colour into the mix such a brown or natural wood will help to balance it out.

If you're looking to incorporate brass into your home decor, take a look at our range of brushed brass sockets and switches. They are perfect for adding that subtle accent of brass to your home that's timeless and elegant.

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