lumens vs watts

A question that is commonly asked surrounding LED lighting is about lumens and watts. Do they both matter? How are they different? What do they mean, and how are they comparable?

There are many different types of LED light bulbs on the market which makes it even more difficult to decide what is right. Most manufacturers will include both a wattage and lumen rating so it is easier to compare between light bulbs. But first, you need to be able to understand what lumens and watts are, and why they are so important when selecting the right light bulbs for your home.

What Are Lumens?

Lumens are perhaps one of the most important things about a light bulb as they tell you how bright a light bulb is going to be. Lumens measure the amount of light emitted by the bulb. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light is going to be. The chart below demonstrates the colour the light would emit in comparison to its lumen rating.

Lumen information can be found in the ‘Technical’ tab of all of our light bulb product pages.

lumens vs watts

What Are Watts?

Watts measure the amount of power that is consumed by the bulb in units. When one amp flows through of one volt, its result is expressed in terms of watts. 

It does not tell you how bright the bulb is, lumens are a more accurate indication of how bright the light is. The higher the wattage, the more light that is emitted. A low wattage indicates a more energy efficient light.

Lumens V Watts - Comparing The Two

A high lumen value doesn't mean that the wattage will also be high. You can see from the chart below what a wattage is of a bulb in comparison to the lumens. It is best practice to look for these two readings on lights to identify how bright the light will be, and what energy they will consume.

It is useful when identifying a bright light which is also energy efficient. Look for the light output (lumens) that you require and then find one with the lowest wattage. This will be the most energy efficient light to suit your needs.

lumens vs watts

When it comes to bulbs it is not just about the aesthetics. It's really important to keep an eye out for these two figures to make sure that you get the most out of your lighting setup that is bright, whilst being energy efficient too.