Reinventing your homes interior design is becoming an increasingly popular task for homeowners, and tips, tricks, and hacks offer a way for people to undertake DIY projects with relatively little experience. However, these options are not always practical or safe, and one such hack you might be wondering about is whether you can paint your sockets and switches at home?

Painting your space in a bold or bright colour can lead to white plastic assets becoming more noticeable than you had initially anticipated, especially if there are no white tones in your interior design plan. It might have crossed your mind to simple paint your existing plug sockets to match these to your chosen wall, but there are several reasons why this is not an ideal solution.

Why You Shouldn't Paint Existing Switches and Sockets

Unprimed plastic finishes will not allow paint to adhere well, and often results in the paint beading and separating on the surface, particularly on shiny surfaces. This will lead to a patchy finish that will likely look worse than by leaving the white switch in place. Not only does this yield an undesirable effect, but paint may chip and flake away at the lightest touch. Paint does not bind well shiny or glossy surfaces, and it is highly likely the paint may not dry at all.

Unless you have an incredibly steady hand, keeping the paint away from the mechanical switch itself may prove difficult. One wrong move, and the paint may seep in between the narrow space between the plate and the switch. If this dries, you are at risk of seizing the switch, making it unusable. There is also the chance that you could seal the socket to the wall, leading to difficulties removing the socket in case of problem occurring in future.

This leads us onto our most important factor. Painting any electrical outlet while still fitted to the wall is extremely dangerous. Wet paint can access plug socket holes, or seep through the switch into the wiring behind, causing electrical faults or even electrical shock.

However, for those who would love to match their switch and sockets seamlessly into their room design, we have the solution!

The Paintable Collection

The new Paintable Collection from The Soho Lighting Co. has revolutionised the way that we use colour and space. These sockets and switches come primed and ready for painting, allowing them to seamlessly blend with your chosen paint. One size never fits all when it comes to interior design, and with the paintable, you can tailor your sockets and switches to match your colour scheme with no hassle, and with safety being the utmost priority.

After wiring in your chosen switches and sockets, and before attaching the front plate into position, simply paint the front plate to match your wall and allow to dry thoroughly before clipping the plate into place. The plates are primed with white primer, so whether your walls boast bold hues or subtle tones, the Paintable Collection will blend seamlessly with your colour scheme. And with several dimmer, toggle, and rocker switch finish options, you can add that extra touch to your interior.

The beauty of paintable light switches and sockets lies in their versatility. Unlike conventional outlets that impose limitations on design choices, these innovative solutions offer true personalisation. Whether you're undergoing a complete renovation or simply seeking to update the look of a room, paintable sockets provide the flexibility needed to realise your interior design project.

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