Soho Lighting Vintage Brass 2 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch
Soho Lighting Vintage Brass 2 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch The Dimming Toggle by Soho Lighting | The first reliable dimming toggle technology for the UK market

Soho Lighting Vintage Brass 2 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch

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Made to Order: Allow 3 Working Days for Dispatch
For multi-location, dimming only one dimmer toggle switch is needed per circuit. For all other locations, a retractive switch is required.

Made to Order: Allow 3 Working Days for Dispatch

For multi-location dimming, please note that you only require one dimming toggle switch per circuit, for the other switch locations on the circuit, please use standard retractive switches.

This Vintage Brass Traditional Plate 2 Gang Dimming Toggle Switch has a vintage brass finish that has been carefully matched to original Georgian and Victorian brass works such as door handles and cabinetry details, giving a faithful representation of heavily oxidised, un-polished, timeworn brass, with a rich sumptuous dark matt patina.This means that no two plates look exactly the same, adding to their authentic look.

Soho Lighting are proud to introduce to first reliable dimming toggle technology to the UK market. Toggle switch plates are the perfect choice for style conscious homeowners. However, until now beautiful looks have come at the cost of performance, as traditional toggle/dolly switches cannot dim lights. Dimming control enables you to change the atmosphere, vitality and ambiance of a space at the touch of a switch.

This Dimming Toggle Switch comes with award winning Enkin IDM250. Enkin modules are designed to allow you to control your lighting at the touch a button. With soft-start function that slowly brings the lights to the set level in about 1-2 second, prolonging the life of your lightbulbs. Flicker free technology, our dimmers come with a five-year guarantee, meaning you can be assured that your dimmer modules are the highest quality, as well as an easy push button setup for seamless installation. With short circuit and overload protection, and a self-recovering thermal fuse, the award-winning technology that makes up Enkin modules provides safety and reliability to a previously overlooked element of your home lighting.

The IDM250 in-line 250W LED dimmer is a highly versatile module that works as a standard dimmer to control up to 250W of LED lighting, with the use of rockers and toggles to create a multi-point dimmer switch. Please note, if using this as a multi-point dimmer, you only require one IDM250 per circuit.