As a leading retailer of lighting and electrical products, we offer a 3 year guarantee on our LED light bulbs. To see the exact guarantee length for all of our products, visit the individual product pages.

Manufacturer’s guarantee of products:

Pursuant to the detailed conditions herein, we guarantee, during the guarantee period from the date of delivery, that those products that are sold by authorised merchants and labelled with the trademark "SoHo Lighting" or "Lieber" shall be free of manufacturing and material defects when used as intended. The guarantee applies exclusively upon the condition that

  1. The products are used in conformity with the stated product and usage specifications (particularly according to the
    specification sheet, product brochure, product label and the like);
  2. The products were professionally installed and placed in service according to the installation instructions
    accompanying the product;
  3. The maintenance and repair services on the products have been performed exclusively in accordance with the
    manufacturer’s specifications;
  4. Services, such as software upgrades or added functionality, have been performed exclusively by the manufacturer or
    a third party named by the manufacturer;
  5. The acceptable limits for temperatures and voltages according to the relevant technical or product-specific standards
    indicated are not exceeded;
  6. The product is not exposed to any unintended mechanical and/or chemical stresses.
    The guarantee exclusively covers product failures that are caused by proven material, design or manufacturing flaws and
    exceed the mean nominal failure rate. In the case of controllers or components such as LED modules, the mean nominal
    failure rate is 0.2%/1,000 hours of operation, unless the median nominal service life and nominal failure rate of the
    controllers or components are otherwise defined in the product and usage specifications (particularly according to the
    specification sheet, product brochure and the like). The customer is not entitled to make any claims under this
    manufacturer’s guarantee unless the customer notifies the guarantor – or the sales subsidiary Elesi Limited in
    the respective country in which the product was first purchased and placed in service – of the case that is covered by the
    guarantee within 30 days (arrival) of noticing the defect; the notification shall be in writing with attachment of a copy of the
    applicable purchase agreement or invoice and corresponding proof of the defect that has appeared. If upon inspection of
    the product it should appear that the case is covered by the guarantee, it is within the discretion of the guarantor to repair
    the defective product, to deliver an equivalent product free of charge or to offer a price reduction. This guarantee shall not
    apply to product failures that have already been corrected through exchange, repair or price reduction within the scope of
    the guarantee. When the guarantee has been fulfilled, the guarantee period does not start to run again.
    Guarantee cases are processed through the respective sales subsidiary of the in the respective country in
    which the product was acquired new and placed in service.
  7. All replacement products or parts may contain new or recycled materials whose performance and reliability are equivalent
    to new products or parts. The dimensions and design of the replacement product may deviate from the original product.
    ‘Recycled materials’ are parts or products that are used or reconditioned and are not new. Although such parts or products
    are not new, after reconditioning or overhaul the condition is like new with respect to performance and reliability. The
    functionality of all replacement products or parts is equivalent to that of the product or part being replaced. Replacement
    products or parts shall not exhibit any material or manufacturing defects for the remainder of the applicable guarantee
    period for the product that is replaced or in which they are installed.
  8. The guarantee shall not apply to
    a) Any incidental costs arising in connection with the correction of defects (guarantee fulfilment), such as for installation
    and removal, transport of the defective and repaired or new product, disposal, travel and transit time, hoists,
    scaffolding); these costs are borne by the buyer;
    b) Wear parts, such as all standard lamps, batteries and hard drives; computers and servers that contain hard disks or
    mechanical wear parts;
    c) Plastic parts (e.g. made of polycarbonate) to the extent they discolour or embrittle due to the natural ageing process;
    d) Electronic components, products and lamps that Elesi sells as articles of merchandise, such as touch panels,
    printers and computers under third-party labels, as well as lamps of other manufacturers;
    e) Settings or parameter settings on equipment that change based on wear and tear, fatigue or soiling;
    f) Product defects that are attributable to software errors, bugs, viruses or the like;
    g) Services that are needed from time to time, such as recommissioning, software updates, etc.
    An extended guarantee, including assumption of costs for disassembly and reassembly in the first five years, can be
    obtained by also concluding a maintenance contract. If you are interested, please contact your responsible sales
  9. The guarantee expires immediately if the customer or third parties make or perform changes, repairs, service work or
    troubleshooting without the prior written consent of the guarantor.
  10. Additional information on LED products: In the case of LED modules, a drop in the value of the luminous flux of up to
    0.6%/1,000 hours of operation is the state of the technology and thus not covered by the guarantee. The colour tolerance
    of LED modules is not covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. The luminous flux and performance are subject to a
    tolerance of ±10% in the case of a new LED module. All relevant technical data are mentioned in the product and
    application specifications (particularly according to the specification sheet, product brochure and the like). In the case of
    subsequent deliveries of LED modules, there may be deviations in light properties with regard to the original products due
    to technical progress and usage-induced change in the luminous flux and light colour of products.