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Delivery Questions
Do you deliver overseas?

We do deliver overseas. If you would like to see our rate table, please see our shipping page . When you place your order, simply enter your address and the shipping options will appear.

What is your returns policy?

You can return products whether they are faulty or not. For non-faulty products, you will need to raise a return within 28 days of delivery. We do not refund shipping for returns of non-faulty products.

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Sockets & Switches
Are your dimmers soft start dimmers?

Yes. Our dimmer switches use soft start technology, enabling the dimming settings to be changed in that period. The mechanism causes a slow build up, meaning less strain on the LED and improved longevity of the LED driver.

What back box do your products fit in?

Our switches are compatible with a 25mm back box. A mounting box depth of 35mm is required for dimmers, single, standard double and double USB sockets.

How many bulbs can I attach to your dimmer?

The 250 w will handle 100 watts of LED bulbs, but 250 watts of incandescent and halogen bulbs. 400w will handle 150 w of LED and 400 watts of incandescent and halogen. Do not exceed maximum wattage.

What is the difference between a leading edge and a trailing edge dimmer?

These two types of phase cutting dimmer inherit their names from the part of the AC wave that they cut off. Leading edge dimming cuts off the front edge of each waves’ half cycle. Conversely trailing edge dimming cuts out the second half of each waves...

What are the different settings on the dimmers for?

Adjusting the minimum brightness setting. You can also adjust between leading and trailing edge, please refer to instructions for details.

What is the minimum number of watts I can run through a dimmer?

For a 250 w dimmer the minimum is -5w and for a 150 w dimmer minimum is 5w.

Are your dimmers compatible with halogen, incandescent and LED?

Yes, they are intelligent dimmers so they will figure out what they are driving, the only thing to be mindful of is to not mix the type of bulbs on one circuit, e.g. halogen with LED bulbs.

What is an intermediate switch?

If you want to switch a light on and off from more than two different locations, an intermediate switch is required. You only use intermediate switching if you want to switch more than two locations, you always need 2 x 2-way switches one at the start...

What is a retractive switch?

Retractive switches are compatible with smart home applications. They are a versatile switch for smart homes due to the fact that they can be programmed to trigger a wide variety of applications. Additionally, they can be used for door entry systems...

What is a 2-way switch?

A 2-way switch is the most common type of light switch. This is used when you you have a light which you need to control from two different locations. An example of this could be a hallway light which you need to control from both the ground floor...

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What length is the flex and chain?

The length of the drop on the hand painted collection of lights is 1.5m.

Can I shorten the flex and chain?

Yes, you certainly can. Your electrician will be able to do this for you.

What bulb fittings do your pendant lights take?

They are compatible with E27 bulbs.

Are they dimmable?

Yes, but you will need to ensure the bulbs you are using are dimmable bulbs.

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How do I change the colour temperature of my fixed downlights?

Our fixed downlights can be changed from 3k and 4k to 6k. To change the colour temperature, remove the bezel, underneath there is a little black switch that you can use to switch between the colour temperature settings.

Can downlights go in my wet room or outside?

There are four zones in a bathroom; 0,1, 2 and the outside zone. Each zone dictates how well protected a light fitting will be against moisture, this is backed up by its IP rating. Fixed downlights which are IP65 rated can be placed in zones 1 and...

Are your products compatible with the US wiring?

USA operates at 100-110 volts, the UK operates from 230-250 volts, cable capacity like pendant lights and wall lights are compatible with US wiring. However, you will need to ensure that the bulb you use in the fitting is compatible. Downlights are...

Can downlights be covered in insulation?

All downlights should have an air void around them, as a general rule of thumb they need air space of 10-40mm above and a bit of space around the sides for heat to escape, but the more space given the better.

Are your tiltable downlights on a pivot ball or rotate either way on a bar?

Our downlights do not pivot all the way around, they operate on a bar and tilt left to right, not 360°.

I cannot fit my bulb into my GU10 downlight?

Insert the bulb into the downlight pre-installation, push the wires from the top down into the light to make the light fitting hang out of the unit, you will then be able to easily fit the bulb into place.

Can the unit or driver of the downlight be covered in insulation?

No, the downlight and driver will need clearing behind it. 10-40mm or more space is needed around the downlight to allow heat to escape.

Can I change the colour temperature of my tiltable downlights?

No, the colour temperature can only be changed on our fixed downlights.

Can dimmable bulbs be used with Lieber GU10 downlights?

Yes, they can. We have a few GU10 dimmable bulbs available on Elesi that can be used with the Lieber downlights.

Can you change the bulbs on Soho downlights?
No, they are a fixed unit and come with a fitted bulb. They do come with a 3 year guarantee should the bulb fail during this time.
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