what colours go with olive green

Green has often been a colour that people shy away from in their interiors, but olive green is one that continues to become a popular hue in the home. Providing a great accent colour throughout the home, it is commonly used on doors, panelling, feature walls and through furnishings. It really is the perfect colour that works well in most rooms. It also helps to nod towards that sustainable, eco-friendly ethos.

So, what colour is olive green exactly? Olive green is exactly that, it takes its name from the colour of unripe or green olives, and is a warm yellowish-green shade, as opposed to the cooler tone of sage green that holds hints of grey-blue.

What Colours Go With Olive Green?

To help you use this colour in your own home, we explore the colour wheel to find out which colours work best with olive green to help you seamlessly incorporate it into your space.

Olive Green & Tan

Tan and natural wood tones work exceptionally well with olive green as it provides a neutral, and uncomplicated pairing.

This colour scheme works well with mid-century modern design. Introducing natural elements through furniture will help to tie this look together. Try pairing an olive green feature wall with wood dining tables or coffee tables for a stylish aesthetic.

Olive Green & Blue

Whilst olive green is a great neutral colour to work with, olive is a warm colour in its undertone which means it works well with other warm colours.

Warm shades of blues such as cobalt blue are an ideal match for olive green. It's best not to let these colours fight for space and either use both of them as accents to complement one another through the home, such as on panelling and home furnishes or use one as more of a dominant colour to work from. Perfect for a vibrant living room.

what colours go with olive green
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Olive Green & Beige

As two neutral colours, olive green and beige are a match made in heaven for the interiors. A popular colour combination in kitchens, with olive green cabinetry and beige worktops or surrounds.

You could even incorporate a third complementary colour into the mix such as tan or natural elements, as they are all earthy neutrals.

Olive Green & Pink

Trust us on this one! Olive green and blush pink are complimentary colours, it especially looks good with softer shades of pink.

For a bedroom, pair blush pink and olive green in the room's accents such as pillows, bedding, rugs or curtains. Alternatively, you could have feature panelling behind the wall in olive green and dress the room with blush pink.

Olive Green & Gold

If you're looking to create a regal, luxurious looking room then that can wholeheartedly be created by combining both olive green and gold. They are both warm colours which create such a luxe, and elegant space.

Gold can easily be woven through the home by way of decor, furnishings and interior hardware. Brushed Brass sockets and switches contrast beautifully with olive green, making the brass pop.

brushed brass sockets and switches

Olive Green & White

A fail safe combination that always works. These two colours create such a harmonious and relaxing space. It's best to keep the foundations of the room white and build up the warmth of the room with accents of olive green. Bringing greenery into the room will also help to add to that tranquil ambience.

what colours go with olive green
Image source: Pinterest

Olive green is a colour that is set to stay in our interiors. An incredibly earth warming and gorgeous neutral that works so well with a multitude of patterns and shades.

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