Gold is a gorgeous colour to use in your interiors and is available in a multitude of 'golden' shades, though this shouldn't be mistaken for metallic gold, a yellow shade with flecks of gold glitter.

All gold starts as pure yellow gold, and the differing shades include mixing small amounts of white gold and rose gold where the metals are alloyed to give them their specific shade, whether more yellow, orange, or pink.

What Colours Go With Gold?

If you're looking to add golden accents to your home, we explore the different colours that go well with gold.

Gold & Pink

The colour combination gold, or rose gold and pink gold shot to stardom because of the 'millennial pink' trend. This notorious colour combination works so well together in interiors and is often seen paired with marble. There's probably nothing more millennial than this trio!

Pink is usually seen as the dominant colour and is complemented with gold accents through furnishings, accessories and interior hardware.

Image: Pinterest

Gold with Black & White

You can't go wrong with this classic and timeless monochrome combination. It's a fail safe match when it comes to gold. The best way to use gold is to pull the room together with it by using subtle accents. Such as through sockets and switches, cabinet hardware and decor accesories.

Gold & Blue

Gold works extremely well with multiple shades of blue, from the lighter end of the spectrum right through to something as dark as cobalt blue. The two colours contrast perfectly together for maximum impact.

Painting your walls with a shade of blue and contrasting with gold artwork or interior hardware will really allow the gold pieces to pop. The muted tones of navy blue work especially well to contrast this bright and shiny metal.

Image: Pinterest

Gold & Grey

We know that gold is a match made in heaven for grey marble, so unsurprisingly it complements grey in an interior too.

Lighter shades of grey offer a neutral and subtle backdrop to work from. This makes it the perfect foundation for bringing in a bold colour such as gold. The difference in the two colours creates an eye-catching and striking look.

Dressing a grey room with gold accents will help to nail this combination perfectly.

Gold & Green

Pair forest greens with gold to make a bold statement. Whether you do this through way of paint, wallpaper or just by incorporating houseplants, gold and green are a force to be reckoned with in your interior.

But no matter what hue of green you go for, incorporating this complementary pairing will result in a trendy, natural looking space.

Gold & White

Of course, gold and white are a timeless and elegant combination when paired together. A classic combination that is seen at weddings, during Christmas and through interiors.

White provides the best blank foundations to build on. You would very rarely see gold and white on their own without introducing any other pops of colour. But because of this classic pairing, most colours will integrate well with them too. From bright colours such as pink and purple, through to black and charcoal grey. This combination works especially well in living rooms for an airy and welcoming atmosphere.

There are so many different colours that go with gold that it's an easy colour, and metal to work into your interior to make a statement. Why not consider gold downlights to really blend with your interior?

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