Green pairs incredibly well with a multitude of colours. The colour has grown in popularity in recent years, with dark green being seen as a mature colour that bodes well in living rooms, kitchens and bedroom spaces.

Green works well as an accent colour or used as a pivotal colour in a room. In this article, we explore the colours that go well with green.

What Colours Go Well With Green?

Green is one of those versatile colours that depending on the shade can complement the right colours very well.

what colours go with green?

Green & White

The simplest colour combination that just can't be knocked is green and white. Crisp white provides a perfect backdrop for hues of green. Green can be incorporated with subtle accents through furnishings such as pillows, bedding, chairs and decorative ornaments. This fresh colour combination is well suited to contemporary homes.

Green & Brown

A subtle sage green has been a hot colour for kitchens in recent years. This hue of green pairs perfectly with natural wood and brown. You might typically get sage green cabinetry with natural wooden surfaces such as butcher block countertops. This is a very much country inspired colour combination that is perfect for neutral spaces.

what colours go with green?

Green & Pink

As they say, opposites attract and this couldn't be any more accurate for green and pink. For those with a bold appetite for interiors, this light and airy colour combination work incredibly well together when used correctly. Pink can be used as a powerful backdrop with a sea foam green used through furniture such as a velvet sofa or armchair. Whilst they're a bold pairing, when used correctly it can give a softer look to your ensemble.

Green & Navy Blue

Emerald green and navy blue are two deep hues that compliment each other well in an interior setting. This chic and stylish combo both accent and offset the other with their deep yet vibrant tones. 

If you want to subtly illuminate your room, then this pair of colours will help to add depth and character to the space.

what colours go with green?

Green & Grey

Teaming grey with subtle accents of green helps to create an incredibly executive and suave look and feel. The best thing is that green can complement pretty much any shade of green. We see this colour combination very often in the corporate workwear space, owing to the fact that this is a very sophisticated and well put together colour match.

Green & Orange

Perhaps the boldest of them all, tangerine and fern green are out of the box colours that surprisngly aren't overwhelming when teamed together. You do need the right period of property for this pairing to work, but executed well and it can look sensational.

Green is a multi versatile colour that can go with practically every colour when you choose the right hue of green.

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