what are usb c sockets

Due to the advancement of technology, sockets have probably had one of the most sophisticated jumps in the power of delivering a fast charge to devices. Nowadays they can provide users with a much quicker charging time. Providing reliability and speed which is ultimately what everyone desires in their fast paced lives.

However, there are many current models of USB sockets on the market that do not deliver a fast charge. Furthermore, not all chargers do support the various standards. We explore what fast charge means and the new industry led USB C sockets breaking through the market.

What Is Fast Charge?

The output of a charge from a socket is measured in both amperage and voltage. Therefore, in order to boost a charge, manufacturers will usually boost the amperage, or vary the voltage to increase the amount of potential energy.

Fast charging devices will usually bump the voltage up 5V, 9V, 12V, 20V and beyond, or increase amperage to 5amp and above.

However, your device will ultimately decide how fast it charges as its charging circuit is designed for. The device needs to be compatible and up to date to take advantage of the fast charge functionality.

Check your devices to see what your phone supports, then look at your plug adapter to see if it supports the same standard. If you want to see whether your devices are benefitting from fast charge technology, there are many apps you can use on your phone to test it such as Ampere.

What Are USB C Sockets?

USB C sockets are the most up to date on the market, dynamically boosting the power delivery.

USB sockets feature 2 ports, a USB A port on one side and the USB C on the alternate side. The USB C port is where the magic happens. A standard USB A delivery is capped at around 3,100milliamp, whilst a USB C will deliver a much higher milliamp. The USB C can still deliver much lower demand if needed. If you use both of the ports at once (USB A and C), then this ampage will be shared across the devices.

Due to the USB C's ability to deliver a high output, it can charge modern laptops through it too. As previously mentioned, the device is what will determine the speed of the charge. The device needs to be compatible and up to date in order to take advantage of the functionality.

There isn't anything that will currently deliver much higher output than the USB C unless technology rapidly changes. As it stands, the conventional USB A port won't be able to keep up with the ever advancing technology of devices unless the technology of it changes.

what are usb c sockets

The future of fast charging is with USB C sockets. Whilst providing efficient charging times, following the redundancy of bulky plugs for USB C charging it will eliminate waste from manufactures & households. Offering a universal solution that is reliable, effective and ultimately, quick.

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