Downlights continue to be a great choice for lighting many rooms in a home. Providing task lighting to areas that need it most, with a sleek, unobtrusive finish that works with a range of different interior styles.

When it comes to choosing downlights, it can be quite overwhelming when met with different terms such as colour temperature, lumens, CRI, lux etc. Whilst every feature of a downlight is worth considering, CRI is a feature that should help your buying decision. The wrong CRI can make the objects in your room look a completely different colour. Whilst a low CRI could cause headaches, lack of productivity and even affect your sleep cycle. We explore high CRI downlights and what to look for when purchasing them.

What Are High CRI Downlights?

CRI stands for colour rendering index. It is the measurement of how artificial light represents the full colour spectrum of natural daylight. CRI is measured between 0-100, 100 being the highest level. The higher the CRI, the more accurate representation of the colour of objects in a room. This provides greater clarity and precision of tasks.

So, what is considered high CRI downlights? The UK downlight market has always been dominated by low CRI downlights with a CRI of less than 82. Anything above 95 is considered a good CRI level.

In 2021, The Soho Lighting Company launched their range of high >95-97 CRI downlights. Such enhanced levels of CRI are imperative for downlights, providing a well lit space that will aid tasks, rather than hinder them. The improved clarity that high CRI can bring also has the ability to lift your general mood and home life.

The Benefits of High CRI Downlights

Having greater clarity and a truer representation of colour from high CRI downlights brings a number of benefits to a home. High CRI reflects the true colour of objects in the room. This helps to reduce eye strain that can be associated with carrying out tasks in a poorly lit room.

There are also a number of potential health benefits that have been explored, and linked to high CRI. One being the impact on overall mood. Anecdotally and with many studies, it is proven that a sunny day has the ability to lift our moods, and the same can be said for high CRI lighting which is the closest to perceiving daylight as possible. Whereas a poorly lit, orange glow of a light can cause a depleted mood. As well as eye strain and the symptoms associated with that, such as headaches.

Numerous other studies have cited the importance of sunlight on the human body including improved mood, better sleep quality, lower blood pressure and improved productivity. It's time to take a look at your current downlights to check their CRI, and arm yourself with this knowledge next time you are purchasing downlights, or new bulbs.

Take a look at our full range of LED High CRI downlights. They are available in a number of different finishes, all fire rated, with the ability to change the colour temperature to suit your room, and mood.

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