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Light switches are one of the most appraised, viewed and functional assets in a home. For something that is used and viewed on a daily basis, it's important to consider the aesthetic side of light switches, as well as their primary function.

There are many different styles of light switches on the market. Ranging from your cost effective, white plastic switches to brushed brass screwless light switches. When you start introducing different metals and styles, you do need to consider whether they will compliment your existing interior decor style. In this post, we're going to explore minimalist light switches and what switches are perfect for this style.

What Is Minimalist Interior Style?

A minimalist interior can be likened to a modern interior style. It is characterised by simplicity, clean lines and bare essentials to create an uncluttered space.

This is a popular interior style which also uses a limited colour palette. A monochromatic style is often used for accent colours through decorative accessories and furnishings.

minimalist interior

Minimalist Light Switches

Of course, every element is important in creating a minimalist interior right down to the finishing details, such as light switches.

Light switches can sometimes be obtrusive to the eye and are bulky. Minimalist light switches should have a flat plate or profile. Be screwless, and an appropriate colour for a minimalist space.

White Metal Switches

Perfect for a minimalist home, the white metal switches by Soho Lighting offer everything you could need for a minimalist light switch. The screwless white metal flat plate is unobtrusive and will blend seamlessly into the walls of your home. Their fresh appearance is minimal and clean with those simple clean lines that we see running throughout this interior trend.

Most traditional switches on the market still feature screws which can be unsightly. The flawless, screwless finish on these flat plates really does make a huge difference to the overall aesthetic.

minimalist light switches

Black Nickel Switches

If you are looking to incorporate some monochromatic elements into your minimalist scheme, these black nickel switches would work perfectly as those accents.

The flat plate switches are contemporary, stylish and slick like no other. They have a much slimmer profile to traditional face plates.

minimalist light switches

Toggle Switches

Whilst finishes are an important aspect of choosing your minimalist switches, the switch type should be considered too. Some people do prefer the aesthetic look of a toggle switch over a dimmer and rocker switch. These more traditional switch types look bulky and obtrusive in comparison to the intricate detailing of a toggle switch.

A toggle switch is delicate, intricate and perfectly minimal, lending itself to a minimal interior perfectly.

Minimalist light switches are perfect for minimalist and both contemporary and modern homes. Finishing details that don't detract from the rest of your interior.

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