2018 has been an exciting year for LED lighting with some new players making waves, including SoHo Lighting (from whom you can buy products here at Elesi). Technology appears to be catching up with design aspirations as LED is no longer the ugly yet energy efficient option. Sure, there are still plenty of first generation, unattractive LED bulbs on offer, but the newer, stunning bulbs have stepped in, and are starting to turn heads.

As we edge towards 2019 we look at the LED lighting trends we expect to see throughout the year.

LED is still the one

LED will remain a must have for homes in 2019, with more traditional style bulbs, and innovative designs appearing on the market. 2018 saw a real push towards improving the appearance of LED bulbs, with homeowners no longer needing to choose between efficiency and beauty. 2019 will see a continue in this trend with more options appearing.

Edison LED Bulbs

Vintage Edison LED Bulbs

Since the ban on incandescent LED bulbs, there's really been a space to fill. LED has finally stepped in as flexible LED technology has been developed to allow for beautiful filament shapes with energy-efficiency. The result: lighting that doesn't look out of place in a vintage setting, but behind the scenes is cheaper to run than its incandescent cousin, lasts much longer and gives of a stunning vintage glow.

Playful and romantic lightingPlayful & Romantic

In the first half of 2019 we expect to see a lot more playful, almost futuristic, but cosy and romantic lighting popping up. Think quirky, white pendant lights that resemble clouds, hovering above traditional yet simplistic furniture.

Simple, Natural looking lighting

In 2019 we will see a lot of lighting that looks simple and natural, but will actually be focused around top of the range LED technology. With a strong Scandinavian style, we will see straightforward designs and intelligent functionality. Think simple round lights supported by concrete, marble or wood.

Industrial LED lightingLet There Be Industrial Light

We've already seen the industrial lighting trend grow in 2018, but expect this to continue and if anything increase even more, as many new industrial style lamps and pendants will appear on the market. Expect more industrial style decors in bars, hotels and restaurants, but also across homes.[related_products is_auto_added="1"]